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24K Banana Smash

$25 for 5, $40 for 10 seeds, $100 for 25 seeds. Indica dominant hybrid Easy for beginners for best results indoors plant in 7 gallon pot using living soil heavy yielder THC up to 28%

Acapulco Gold

$50 for 5 seeds, $90 for 10 seeds, $180 for 25. Plant reaches heights up to 12-15 feet. Long growing season into November. Flower times in 10 week range. Absolutely needs cover and likes 18 hour light periods indoors. Does not like cool moist climate. Susceptible to mold if grown outdoors in Canada. I have tested up to 23% in California. Typical is 18-21% if grown properly which means lots of hot sun, long days and cool breezes at night. Outdoors in Canada is not recommended at all - grow indoors in Canada only and use 15 gallon smart pots if you do to bring out the majesty of this lady. Depending on how long you force veg and whether grown indoors or outdoors it can easily produce a pound per plant indoors and a little less if grown outdoors under cover over a 6 month period. I have finished 6 foot plants indoors yielding up to 500 grams testing at 21%.

Alien Lights OG

$25 for 5 seeds, $40 for 10 seeds and $100 for 25 seeds Sex: Feminized Type: Hybrid Sativa/Indica Flowering: Automatic Time: 60-70 from seed Height: 3.5 – 5.5 feet Area: Indoor- outdoor Lineage: ((AlienxNL#5) x Ruderalis) x OG Kush Potency Test Results: up to 23 % THC / 0% CBD

Amnesia Gold Auto

$25 for 5 seeds, $40 for 10 seeds, $100 for 25 seeds Amnesia Gold is easy to grow - just start and put into 5 gallon pots. No need for 7 gallon as this one grows fast. Cheap to grow. Medium yields - about 200 gr per plant. This plant grows and matures so quickly you can literal harvest within 60 days of planting a seed. The effects of the plant are strong. Good for pain relief; couch lock possible. Not a very social strain; strong medicine. Memory and time can blur. Great for insomnia. THC can hit 21% in this auto. I've smoked many strains but to me this feels a lot like Starfighter which I grow to over 30% THC.

Autopulco Gold (Acapulco Gold Autoflower)

$50 for 5 seeds, $90 for 10 seeds, $180 for 25. I have been growing a regular versions of Acapulco Gold obtained from one grower in Escondido, California back in the very early 1990's and another from a Mexican grower in Acapulco in the 1980's. In 2014 I started pheno hunting for shorter stocky plants, inbreeding them and after selecting two nice moms crossing in some Golden Caviar Russian Ruderalis. Once auto'd, I crossed them three times to create a stable plant that uniformly grows 4-5 feet with a big main cola. The result is magnificent. Yields are 250 gr or more, plants grow aggressively, potency is easily measured between 15-18% THC - I have gotten 21%. Curing this bud wetter than normal in glass jars for up to three weeks removes chlorophyll and increases potency and results in a fine golden bud with a nice, long-lasting cerebral effect.

Banana Ice Cream

$50 for 5 seeds, 480 for 10 seeds, $150 for 25 seeds This is a medicinal plant for those wanting to make good RSO or to Vape something with CBD and THC although the THC levels are high at 20% and CBD in my opinion low under 5%. It still makes a great full spectrum RSO. This cross has my ((White widow #1 x Banana) x (Banana x Pure Haze)) x (Banana x Blue Dream). The plant pheno's are it basically grows a pyramid structure with large single cola with lower side branch colas, or it grows bushy in which case side train it for best yields. it does well in a SCROG as well. What I love best about this plant is the flower smells amazing and it makes excellent hash - a nice mellow buzz with no confusion and very upbeat, euphoric, long lasting buzz.


$25 for 5 seeds, $40 for 10 seeds, $100$ for 25 seeds. Banookie crossed with Zkittlez. Candy, banana- grape and the smell of skunk dominates this hybrid cross. Crossing Terp Hogz Zkittlez back into the Banookie stabilized it a lot and you can find some great moms if you want to hunt phenos for reliable heavy yielding clones. It also has a delicious taste from wet cure and solid long lasting effects. Yields are moderate to heavy depending on skill. Prefers indoor and live soil. Doesn't like hydro - avoid. Veg 6 weeks and flower for 9 weeks for best results. Plant is branchy to so clipping or low stress training is recommended . This is a world class cross and a personal favorite of mine for the taste of its flower.

Black Berry Kush

$25 for 5 seeds, $40 for 10 seeds, $100 for 25 seeds Sex: Feminized Type: Indica Hybrid Flowering: Automatic Height: 3-4 feet Time: 60-70 days from seedYield: very good Preferred grown: indoors – outdoors possible Lineage: blackberry x Hindu Kush x Ruderalis 18 % THC, negligible CBD
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Hi! I'm AutoMan!

Welcome to my site! I specialize in Autoflower genetics and have been growing cannabis and breeding strains and crossing some of the best cannabis on earth since the late 70’s. Starting in the 1990’s I started accumulating award winning cannabis crosses and creating my own crosses to produce the type of Cannabis and products I like. I personally am a huge flower, hash and rosin fan. Where my former aim was to produce kick ass private reserve genetics. maintain landrace strains and create specialty high CDB and THC flowers, I’m now concentrating more and more on reinventing and creating some of the best Autoflower genetics on the planet. Hopefully i uncover some new strains in the not too distant future as I reach for higher and higher THC and CBD levels. I’m a real believer in Autoflowers – and in their economy to grow, the speed in which they grow and their usefulness and potency.  I hope you like them and I hope to hear from you all.

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This is the Auto Blog where I post all the news and updates relevant to my business and the growing worldwide cannabis industry on the website. Please contact me if you have any issues or concerns!

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I would love to hear from you. Please participate in my weekly blog and please participate in my upcoming winter, spring, summer and fall breeding schedules complete with monthly new releases. I will open up an area on the site where you can view and pick crosses or in-house genetics from our master library. It will be a place where you can not only view the 2019 AutoMan Breeding Plan,  you get to pick strains or crosses you recommend we make. Not all work has to be with Autoflowers. I am certainly happy to help design and create potent feminized or regular photoperiod cannabis or provide landrace strains too as I can include them in the 2019 AutoMan Breeding Plan. One Last thing. Please note that in 2019 we will begin accepting the VIT cryptocurrency as well as bitcoin, ether or litecoin as a swap for any of our genetics


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