Why Should You Learn To Grow Autoflowers?

There is less cost involved with growing Autoflowers than with ANY other cannabis plant – especially outdoors. Growing Autoflowers is also easy. The trick is to get the seed started and successfully rooted in the 7-gallon air pot or grow bag where it will spend its whole life without any need of transplanting which only stresses the seedling, stunts It and compromises the yield you get from the plant.

Autoflowers are a really great way to get an advantage out of doors and to grow great Cannabis.  That said, Autoflowers finish their flowering period within a very short period of time. As a result, you can harvest them only 60 to 70 days after you plant them. Outdoors – even in Canada – Autoflower Seeds to consumable medicine in 60-70 days is completely possible.  A plant started in late March under a cover or greenhouse can be finished by June! A second crop started in May can be harvested in July. A third can be started in June and harvested by early August. In fact, if you have a greenhouse, you might be able to get 4 crop cycles done yearly and be completely finished by October 1! Vacation anyone!?

In years past, I have seen many Canadian recreational growers start plants in May, get super excited when they grew as much as 8 to 10 feet over the summer only to struggle to get them finished by October and then find them riddled with rot when harvested or abandoned for just not flowering out properly or for soaking in cold rainy climes. I have even seen greenhouse failures with plants riddled with rot because of temperature swings and a lack of heating and proper air movement. Canadian weather – even in British Columbia – uniformly deteriorates starting the second week of August when night time temperatures cool and humidity levels rise dramatically with the onset of rain as the end of summer is reached. I’m telling you – Autoflowers are a perfect weapon in any Canadian grower’s arsenal.


Autoflowers Eliminate Risk in Growing

Autoflowers mitigate or eliminate problems encountered outdoors by various bugs, pests, nosy neighbors, wind borne hemp or Cannabis pollen (shows up in mid August outdoors usually), and cannabis thieves (after mid-September). Of course it takes less water and nutrients to make Autoflowers grow too, which means less work for you and more time to care for your crop!

Autoflowers. I can’t say much bad about them and although they have their critics, the criticism isn’t justified so long as you use the right genetics and follow the simple steps outlined on this website. What I can do here is provide you with the very best genetics that if grown properly will result in a greater yield of Cannabis with a minimum amount of money, time, water and nutrients expended.

Remember, cost savings with Autoflowers only increases when grown indoors. You will also find you get a better product growing indoors under better controlled conditions.