Do you know quite a few people would rather rob you than grow their own medicine? Don’t be naïve. It’s easy for anyone to rob you and it only takes a few minutes. These people are everywhere. Watch what you do. Keep your mouth shut as much as you can. Don’t flaunt what you have or do.

Opsec is a process I define “that identifies your critical resources to determine if your grow resources and your stash or plants can be observed by the enemy (thieves, robbers, nosy neighbors, kids) and for you to determine if information easily obtained by the enemy about your resources could be useful to them, and to then execute measures that eliminate or greatly reduce the theft of your resources” – namely – guard your stash and your grow.

If you can grow in a secure building not attached to your home, like a shed or greenhouse, do so.  Keep your grow and building secure and locked at all times. If you are a proper craft grower, invest in an alarm system with cameras, secure all doors against intrusion, limit window access or remove it completely, and put up a secure fence and screening hedge to keep thieves, nosy people and kids out of your business.

If you are growing out of doors, do so inside a secure fenced area that thieves and nosy neighbors will have trouble breaching or viewing. Also – if you want maximum stealth in your outdoor grow, GROW AUTOFLOWERS! Autoflowers, if started early in the spring, will be long done before thieves start cutting plants down in late July. They are also short and mix well with flowers and other vegetation for maximum stealth (I use lilies, shrubs and various perennial flowers).

I do not encourage or condone growing in your home if you any kids running around – period. They can hurt or harm themselves in a tent or grow room in a dwelling house.  Also, unless you master being ultra clean and controlling humidity and ventilation in your house, you should not do it. You don’t want mold growing in your home along with your plants and you do not want to lessen or lower the value of your home, ruin your work in your grow and have kids eat, steal or tamper with your work.

One last piece of advice. Don’t tell people where you grow. Just don’t do it. Don’t post pictures online of your grow or announce on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you will be finished or harvesting.  If you do feel a need to show off, turn off your location generator in your photos and keep this information off of your social networks. Lots of scammers and thieves are waiting for the tip off on where and when to steal your stuff so don’t do it.