Allow for room between all your plants for air flow and keep plant material at the bottom of your canopy trimmed up to allow airflow. Put them on those lazy Susan’s I showed you earlier (under your grow pots) so you can rotate them under your lights in your tent or on your rolling bench. Grow like a pro.

You can of course use a 7-gallon felt grow bag with handles instead of an air pot but if you can source an air pot and afford them (the best pot on the market), you might even want to use a 5-gallon air pot instead, especially if you consider yourself a capable grower. Experiment!

As a general rule of thumb and using my methods, allow a minimum of 4 square feet per healthy plant. I use a large number of 5-foot wide, 30-foot long rolling benches that give me plenty of canopy room and I place 30 platters on every table every two feet for pro results (30 plants per table – 5 lights per bench). If you use a 4 x 4 tent this means 4 plants and one light similar to mine. In my grow, I have the ability to overlap lights and find it is even possible to raise lights in a larger grow because of light overlap. You can experiment with this.

Of course, you may even add additional UVB lights during flower cycles as well. I place four California Lightworks UVB lights per 30-foot table between the five 550 lights per bench and I use them full time only in the last three weeks of flowering. I put these on their own controller and turn them off every time when I enter the grow room. Be very careful to turn them off when you are in the grow room. They can harm and damage your skin and eyes. Turn all UVB lights off when you are in the grow.

NOTE BENE: Turn off all UVB lights when working in your tent or grow room!!!!! UVB light can damage your skin and cause skin cancer. It is also very dangerous for your eyes.